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saving this for later because I need help in this department, big time! 

What the fuck ever with this 50 Shades of Grey crap. I didn’t think the books were even remotely interesting or exciting, and this movie, looks like a bunch of wasted money. 

I’m like the only vagina on my Facebook feed not oozing for that actor, and I’m sorry, he just doesn’t cut it for me. Libido says NEGATIVE…and for it to be released Valentine’s Day 2015, lol, how cheesetastic. 

Random snaps of my kids. 

Iliana just turned 4 and Lucas just turned 1.

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I love them bunches.

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Already packed our books and shoes. Yes, all the shoes are packed! It’s Florida you either barefoot or in flip flops, it’s too hot for anything else!

I had already packed the winter stuff months ago so I could open up our closet for more space. And I set aside all the Rhea Lana stuff for this fall winter sale in September.

I have a four drawer metal filing cabinet I have to rummage through soon. Already emptied the bottom two. The top two have files and my craft junk.

I went through all of Iliana’s clothing and closet and purged all the 2t and 3t stuff which was a lot! I sent that off to my friend Deb for her daughter Ada. Next I have to rummage through Lucas’ drawers and purge all the small items. I also have a giant suitcase packed with larger clothes and at the rate he is growing we just won’t use it any time soon. That’s getting sorted and broken up and sent to several people.

We move in 38 days. I’ve moved a total of 10 or so times since 2003 and I have a systematic way of packing. I have to start weeks ahead of schedule or else I get really bad anxiety. I want to move only what we are going to use and everything else can be donated, sold, or tossed.

Next I’m gonna pack blankets and sheets and just leave two sets out. The kitchen and bathroom will be one of the last things I pack.

Then there’s the whole toy situation. Many which I’m consigning or donating. I feel like I should pack most of the dolls and blocks and just leave a few toys out. Iliana also has a lot of big toy items like a doll house and a giant 1950s baby doll pram that I seriously want to sell, but she seems rather attached.

I know we will have a lot more space in the new place but I also don’t want to drown in the kids stuff.

Ahh moving it’s such a good cleansing process :)

People are just forever going to be assholes *sigh* can’t we all just get along? 

My cousin Tonia is having a baby girl in January! I just found out and I am so excited! Her name is going to be Alina Elizabeth. Iliana now has a name buddy in our growing family :) 


Who the hell is dale

tears are streaming down my face. I love you Spanish.


Who the hell is dale

tears are streaming down my face. I love you Spanish.

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and Canada just got that much cooler!