Bits 'n Things

panoramic of Shell Beach Soon to be a family of 4 <3. Iliana and her papa look like twins with their cheesy grins. Kerry looking at the fishieshere fishy fishyLucas enjoying some floating time. My thighs look massive! Thank you water distortion. one of my favorite pictures of the day. Shame Iliana wouldn't stay still enough, but she is out walking by the sand. Iliana and me. chillin

Went down to Shell Beach today. This is the beach I had my beach midwife appointment at. I fell in love with this little spot. Now I know why all the mamas bring their babies here, super calm water and very low tide, perfect swimming environment for the littles.

I LIVE IN PARADISE! I never want to move away from here. And I wont either until it becomes super mega populated like Miami, then I’m out!